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The AlmaLinux OS Foundation, a key player in the open-source enterprise Linux arena, has today announced a significant milestone with the release of AlmaLinux 9.3. This latest version marks a notable shift in the development process of the CentOS alternative, being the first release constructed entirely from upstream sources, independent of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code.

This strategic move aligns with the Foundation’s vision for AlmaLinux, aiming to provide a stable and predictable platform for enterprise Linux users, without compromising on compatibility. Jonathan Wright, CTO at Knownhost, LLC, adds a personal touch, “This release includes code that I committed upstream to CentOS Stream, which makes it even more special to me,” highlighting the collaborative spirit at the core of AlmaLinux’s development.

Benny Vasquez, chair of the board at the AlmaLinux OS Foundation, expressed gratitude towards the community, emphasizing the remarkable growth AlmaLinux has witnessed. “Our community’s strength is reflected in the 600,000 servers regularly receiving updates from our robust mirror system, the near 400 members of our Foundation, and our expanding sponsor base. AlmaLinux Day Tokyo will be a celebration of this incredible journey and our vibrant community,” Vasquez noted.

Further cementing its position in the global market, Yuji Kitamura, President and CEO of Cybertrust Japan, remarked on AlmaLinux’s increasing adoption in hybrid cloud environments and high-performance computing (HPC). “The release of AlmaLinux 9.3 and the upcoming AlmaLinux Day Tokyo symbolize our commitment to providing a strong, stable, and long-lasting platform for enterprise Linux users worldwide,” said Kitamura.

AlmaLinux 9.3 continues the tradition of supporting diverse architectures, including x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le, and s390x, ensuring broad compatibility across various hardware platforms.

The release of AlmaLinux 9.3 is a testament to the open-source community’s resilience and innovation. It not only provides a robust and reliable alternative for CentOS users but also underscores the importance of community-driven development in shaping the future of enterprise Linux. To experience AlmaLinux 9.3, users can download an ISO here.

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